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Life after kill -9

Tech / Mac1 comment

I don't get this. I've had this on servers, on desktops, now I have it on my Mac: a process froze, didn't do a thing and just ignored the hell out of me. So what do you do? Kill it!

In Mac OSX, there's a little interface which allows you to choose an application and force it to quit. Works every time. So far. But how do you solve the frozen-process problem with a fullscreen application that won't let you switch to another application, like Front Row?

Tonight, my Mac froze on Front Row. I was comfortably sitting in bed, ready to watch an episode of a tv show on DVD, when Front Row just froze up. Silent. Nothing. No response. So I got out of bed, walked to my Linux PC and logged into my Mac using SSH. And I looked up the logs. And there it was:

Mar 31 22:41:46 Yoda2 diskarbitrationd[43]: Front Row [4394]:40707 not responding.

Non-responsive. That's fine, I thought, I'll just kill it, get back into bed and start over. But Front Row didn't let itself be killed:

breuls@Yoda2: ~ $ ps aux | grep Front
breuls 4435 0.3 0.0 590472 84 s005 R+ 10:43PM 0:00.00 grep Front
breuls 4394 0.2 3.8 430184 78816 ?? U 10:39PM 0:11.11 /System/Library/CoreServices/Front Row.app/Contents/MacOS/Front Row
breuls@Yoda2: ~ $ kill 4394
breuls@Yoda2: ~ $ ps aux | grep Front
breuls 4394 0.0 0.0 0 0 ?? E 10:39PM 0:00.00 (Front Row)
breuls 4440 0.0 0.0 590472 204 s005 R+ 10:44PM 0:00.00 grep Front

That's right. Didn't listen to the kill command. Now, I know about the several options to kill. I tried several, including the -9 switch. Didn't work. Front Row ignored me, all the way through my giving up and pressing the reset button.

I hate that. That's not supposed to happen. Kill -9 is supposed to be the last way out of trouble. It-should-work. But it didn't. Why am I not in control of my own laptop? Why is there an afterlife to kill -9?

Goedkope tikken


Weet je nog, lang geleden? Toen je de telefoonlijn gebruikte om in te bellen op je provider en zo internetverbinding te leggen? Dat je op een dag als vandaag - eigenlijk een werkdag, maar ook weer niet omdat het een feestdag is - je afvroeg:

"Rekent KPN vandaag weekendtarief en kan ik dus wat langer online blijven?"

HP MySQL 2nd edition

Tech / Web development / MySQLcomment

According to Baron Schwarz the second edition of High Performance MySQL (the first edition being written by Jeremy Zawodny and Derek Bailing, which I read twice and still often use as reference) is in production, meaning that it's written and being prepared for print.

That's good news! As a MySQL developer and DBA, I'm very interested in knowing every piece of information about how to make MySQL perform well, and as soon as I can, I'll order a copy.

Dutch Bloggies 2008


WebWereld: "De jury van de Dutch Bloggies heeft Moois Magazine uitgeroepen tot het beste Nederlandse weblog. De publieksprijs ging naar het weblog van Viva."

De uitreikingen vlogen voorbij gisteravond: iets van 16 of 18 prijzen in ongeveer anderhalf uur. Het leek echter korter. Waarom het zo snel ging: time flies when you're having fun! De halve zaal zat met elkaar te Twitteren en via de mobiele telefoons commentaar te geven op wat er op het podium gebeurde. Een vreemde ervaring, als je iemand via Twitter beantwoordt die gewoon voor of naast je zit. Maar wel erg grappig.

Het was leuk om een aantal gezichten weer te zien en te spreken. En het was gezellig. Volgend jaar weer, het liefst met nog meer goede blogs om te ontdekken. Oh, en graag ook weer met cheerleaders, die ontbraken dit jaar.

Eindelijk Beatles?


Tweakers.net: "Britse media melden dat Paul McCartney een deal ter waarde van 200 miljoen pond (260 miljoen euro) met Apple heeft gesloten voor de distributie van Beatles-songs via iTunes."

Zou het dan toch eindelijk? The Beatles verkrijgbaar via iTunes? Zal tijd worden...

TV zonder TV


NY Times: "When the fourth season of “The Office,” an NBC comedy, had its premiere in September, one in five viewings was on a computer screen instead of a television."

Opvallend genoeg meldt het artikel niets over het feit dat de genoemde verandering een belangrijk punt was in de onderhandelingen tussen de WGA en de AMPTP, waar de afgelopen maanden Hollywood door plat heeft gelegen.

Social Radio


John Ousby (BBC): "Rewind to the early '90s. I was walking to Catford station, radio in my pocket, listening to Chris Evans and company on his astounding GLR breakfast show. He jumped into the "honk your horn" feature. Suddenly, several dozen horns blared out around me. I felt like I was part of something bigger - a solitary experience was transformed into a shared one."

Ubuntu Landscape

Linux / Tech1 comment

Canonical: "Landscape provides users with a hosted web interface on which all machines are registered. From this single interface, packages and security updates are deployed to the entire network of servers and/or desktops with a single click. Additionally a wealth of monitoring data is provided graphically to the administrator showing process and resource use as well as flagging any available security fixes for the system."

Wow. Cool. Seems like a real time saver; currently, when I have to apply changes to a group of machines, I find myself logging in and out of each of them and that's not very funny when you know your server farm increases in size regularly...



Nou, echt een betrouwbare bron ben ik niet: Life is vanavond al begonnen op RTL. Aflevering 1 is dus al geweest, maar lees gerust de info nog eens na voordat je volgende week inschakelt.

Waar je wel nog op kunt inhaken is New Amsterdam. Oorspronkelijk zou deze serie in september beginnen, maar FOX heeft 'm verzet naar.. vanavond! Vanaf morgen dus te downloaden. Geen idee of het wat is (want nog niks van gezien), maar ik ben er wel nieuwsgierig naar:

In 1642, JOHN AMSTERDAM (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), then a Dutch solider in the colony of New Amsterdam – later to become New York City -- stepped in front of a sword to save the life of a Native American girl during a massacre of her indigenous tribe. The girl in turn rescued Amsterdam, weaving an ancient spell that conferred immortality upon him. Amsterdam will not age, she told him, until he finds his one true love. Only then will he become whole and ready for mortality.

Amsterdam has found this to be a mixed blessing. Over the course of three centuries, he's experienced endless adventure and honed his many talents. But everyone Amsterdam meets must leave him in time; friends, lovers and children grow old and eventually die, while he remains young. The exhilaration of eternal life has given way to emotional isolation and loneliness; the blessing has become a curse. His sole confidant and current lifelong friend is the sage jazz club owner OMAR (Stephen Henderson), the keeper of Amsterdam's secret, as well as a few of his own.

Het thema van iemand die eeuwig leeft en iedereen om zich heen langzaam verliest is natuurlijk eeuwenoud (yes, pun intended), dus ik ben benieuwd wat hier de insteek gaat zijn.

Zweet van voorhoofd veegt

FOK!2 comments

Na lang zwoegen, testen, fixen, uitbreidingen verzinnen, heel erg microsecondeneuken op performance en ervoor zorgen dat alles minimaal zo werkt als iedereen gewend is, is vandaag de nieuwe FOK!frontpage live gegaan.

En daar ben ik best wel een beetje trots op. :)