I am Peter Breuls. I write web applications in PHP, movie reviews and irregularly something on this weblog. Welcome!
Through my company Devize, I'm available as a developer or a consultant for websites or web applications.
I work as an Administrator at online community FOK! and as a Lead Developer at frontoffice supplier SIMgroep.

Bad Bucks

Van het webcomment

Joel Spolsky: "Isn't it a bit odd that Starbucks had gone to the trouble of paying someone to stand around the front of the shop, getting into squabbles with loyal customers, making people repeat their orders, while not even increasing the total number of Frappuccino Blended Coffees that could be produced per unit of time?"

Het viel me vorige week bij Starbucks Schiphol Plaza ook op: mijn bestelling werd opgenomen door Barista 1, de boel afgerekend door Barista 2 en Barista 3 maakte en leverde mijn Caramel Macchiato. De winst is dat die Macchiato al klaarstond toen ik bij het afhaalpunt kwam, maar het bleef een rommelig geheel.

Twitter, voor al uw nieuws

Uit het nieuwscomment

The Guardian: "We expect a round of reports about Twitter every time there's a major news event, so yesterday's earthquake on southern California was no exception."

Ik las het gisteren ook eerst op Twitter, naar aanleiding waarvan ik de nieuwssites ging checken. Hoe meer nieuwe communicatiewijzen we adopteren, hoe sneller informatie zich verspreidt.

Schouwburgplein in het groen

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Vorig jaar werd ik bij een bezoek aan (de bioscoop op) het Schouwburgplein blij verrast door een best originele aankleding: een mini-bos slash berg, opgebouwd uit 64.000 bloemen en planten. Na een paar maanden was het echter weg en werd het plein weer gewoon zijn kale, in contrast zelfs saaie, zelf.

Maar de gemeente blijft bezig! Volgens Bright komt er straks een grastapijt op te liggen, die van 90.000 bloemen een waar stadspark maken. Niet dat we die nog niet hadden, maar ik ben wel benieuwd naar hoe dat eruit gaat zien.

Hebben andere steden ook zulke dingetjes?


Web, Dev & Technologycomment

Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC: "... the 3g iPhone is indeed a thing of beauty - and I love turning my phone into a light sabre as much as the next man. But the GPS can't find me four times out of five, the SMS application takes an age to launch, there's no cut and paste - and the battery barely lasts beyond 4pm on a busy day. Whereas the 2g iPhone now does almost everything the new one does - via the 2.0 software - with longer battery life. There. I'll shut up again now - and let the Mac-bashers and boosters have another go."

Nuke the fridge


Als je dacht dat Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull nergens goed voor was, heb je het bijna goed: de film heeft een uitdrukking toegevoegd aan de Engelse taal. Goh, gaan we de film toch nog ergens om herinneren.

Gotta love the story arc


John Williams (Behind the Sofa): "Television is at its best when it can exploit a long and complex developing narrative, and this pattern is increasingly supported by the development of iPlayers, downloadable episodes and DVD season boxsets."



BBC News: "Impatient fans of modern-day US hits like 24, Lost and Heroes set their hard disks whirring within minutes of transmission, downloading and discussing the latest plot twists."

Tools of the trade

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It's always fun to compare tools. Who works with what and especially, why? Following the example of Flickr and some others, let me list my tools, see if you match:


  • Main machine: MacBook Pro. I have an Ubuntu PC, but that's just 'extra'. I do everything on my Mac, from working to living.

  • Editors: Zend Studio 6 for all the main development tasks, completed by TextMate (and the handy 'mate' cli-command) and vim for serveral minor things.

  • Transmit: used for access to (s)FTP code locations, and to manually check whether (s)FTP import applications do what they should

  • iTerm with usually about six tabs. I traverse folders, grep through them, use CVS/SVN commands and access MySQL from the commandline. And of course I connect to development and production servers using ssh, but that goes without saying.

  • MySQL Query Browser: I can usually do what I want by just using the commandline client, but every now and then I need a little more visual help.

  • Zend Core: used as an all-in-one package for Apache and PHP. I also use MAMP to run a good old PHP4 environment because at one of my employers we're still in the midst of upgrading to PHP5 (I know, shut up).

  • Xdebug: I use it for profiling and I love the way it adapts var_dump() to a more usable way of displaying variables

  • FireFox and FireBug: very important indeed. I can't image having to work without FireBug. I still remember trying to think really hard about my HTML/CSS and placing alerts in my JS as a way of doing some poor-mans-debugging. FireBug is a godsend.

  • YSlow: a man needs performance, and YSlow helps me determine what to do. Very nice!

  • CSSedit: editors for CSS don't do a lot more than text editors, but they help a little and a little is enough.

  • OPML Editor: I keep my notes, todo's and more in outlines. The best outline editor used to be the one from Radio UserLand, until Dave Winer took the tool and released it apart from the weblog editor.

  • VMWare Fusion: although I love working on my Mac, I'm still missing what I already mentioned before: the combination of Krusader and Kompare (and to a lesser degree, Cervisia) for development work. For that, I am trying out using an Ubuntu virtual machine which uses the three beforementioned apps and sshfs to mount the (development) servers I'm working on. Works like a charm!

Living and working:
I take my Mac everywhere. I work on it at work, even though it is a private machine. At home, I use VLC to watch video's and DVD's, NetNewsWire for the daily read, Celtx for screenwriting, Mail.app for.. well duh, RealPlayer to listen to BBC Radio 1 or iTunes for my music collection, Twitterific for Twitter and Unison to eh, browse newsgroups.

Well, that's most of it. What about you?