About Breuls

Hi, I'm Breuls. That's my last name, and friends have been calling me by that name for years now, so I'm just as much used to be called Breuls, as to be called Peter, which is my first name. Together it makes Peter Breuls, and that's exactly what my passport tells me.

I'm an ex-student in the Netherlands. I got educated in web development, until I realised I could teach everything myself. So I quit college, and started working as a PHP developer for a company that works for Dutch local governments.

I am a nerd. Kind of. I'm interested in what's behind a website: in the source code of a dynamic page, how the database is designed, but also the public source code: HTML, CSS, handy things with javascript, and more like that. I'm also interested in other web technology, such as RSS, OPML, AJAX, etcetera.

I've been blogging since 2002. One day I decided to build myself a website, where I could post notes and stories about things that interest me. After a while I realized that what I made was nothing more than a weblog, so I began looking for other blogs.

Reading other blogs, Dutch ones but also English ones, has taught me about blogging, syndication, development and other interesting things. And I started blogging about what I read on other blogs. On my Dutch weblog, for I had no other place to write down my thoughts. Until now. In december 2003 I started using my Radio Community Server webspace, and turned it into an English blog. In august 2004, I moved my blog to my own webspace, and continued blogging there.

So here I am. Blogging. Hi. :)