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Guess what? No whine!


Allright, the MacBook Pro arrived yesterday, and like a kid at Christmas, I was very happy to be able to start using it. What a great machine. It's thin, light-weight, looks great and is really fast. Also, Mac OSX is quite nice to work with, although I still need some getting used to.

The problems I was afraid of? Almost none. Really! There's no noise. Not from the screen, not from the CPU, fans, harddrive, etcetera. It's silent, and I like it. There's only one thing: it's hot. The left-hand side of the body gets considerably hotter than the right hand side, and when resting my hand on it for a while, it gets irritated a bit. I don't know if that's just getting used to, or really a manufacturing mistake. I'll see how it works out for me the next couple of days.

All in all: I'm very happy. It's a cool machine, nice to work with, fast, easy... I love it!