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MacBook heating

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I've seen some posts, on some blogs, about the SMC firmware upgrade that Apple released this week. I installed it, so whatever has been written about it, I should be able to check. TUAW and others write that the upgrade causes the MacBook Pro to run cooler.

Well, I still think it's a bit hot at times, but yes, it is cooler. Not very much, but I think it's just enough to make it slightly more comfortable. So thanks, Apple, for the upgrade.



Ok i got a new mac book 2 weeks back
in the hope that even if I am paying twice the price of dell or etc I will be getting best OS and machine

but it turn out to be opposite.

1) MAcbook is slow:

when u run the macbook , they say that 512 MB or more is taken by Rossete or what ever , i dono why they say to make OSX compatible with intel , but its slower then window
I mean whats the point of having any operating system which is slower then window and that to mac

2) Heat :

i took a small 13' stuff so that i can carry any where , in plane , in gardern , in meeting and what bull shit , it gets heated up so much that i cant keep it in my lap
infact now i try to keep it in AC or shut it down after some time so as to bring its temp normal, and right now i have not started any programing or stuff, its worst then having AMD processor.

3) battery

the charged batteries only work for 3 hours when you do nothing, the moment you start playing song or some thing then the battery start decreasing like an exponential function with negative power.
i wonder what will happen if i carry this stuff with me in plane and run my code.

in all i found that apple waste to much time and money just in decorating it like a women and not making it upto date with the user problem.

i guess the apple launch intel processor some time back and if they wanted they would have come out with a solution in less then 1 or 2 month.

also the heating problem is very old , it was there in G4 and now in mac instead of reducing it they have even increased it.

I am seriously upset with apple
if any one wants to buy my 2 weeks old macbook (2 Ghz,1 Gb Ram , 120 Gb Hard disk , white ) in 1400 then contact me.