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MySQL Administrator is weird

Tech / MySQLcomment

I'm an admin for a MySQL database server, and today I needed to add a user account. I'm used to doing this using the commandline program or phpMyAdmin, but today I thought "let's use the nifty MySQL Administrator for Mac," a GUI tool, very much point-and-click and supposedly easy to use.

Or so I thought. For creating a user, you need to fill in, of course, username and password. When you want to save that, you get notified that you need to add a hostname for the user, first. That makes sense, because in MySQL, a user consists of a username and a hostname. So I press the tiny icon that seems to mean "add host". Wrong, MySQL admin tells me. I need to save the properties of this user before I can add a host. Allright, but I just tried that.. but whatever. Pressing Save again.. wrong again! Need to add a host first.

As you can see, I can fill my day with this. The MySQL Administrator is no good. Back to the drawing boa.. eh, the commandline tool. At least those things always work.