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Read my CD's, please!

Tech / Maccomment

I'm having serious trouble with my Mac. It won't read some of my CD's, which severely limits the possibilities of iTunes shuffling through my entire music collection. Or my iPod, for that matter.

It's really strange, too. When I insert a CD into the drive, it makes some noise, which indicates that the CD is being read. After about 20 seconds, the CD ejects. Just like that. No reason given. I have tried to look up any form of logged error, but the usual place where errors are supposed to be written down, the /var/log folder, doesn't mention any problem at all. Just accept the CD being inserted, make noise, eject CD and don't tell the user.

Why is that? Why does it eject the CD's at all? When it has a problem reading them, pop up some message explaining it, or put an entry in the system.log. Don't just go ignoring the fact that I want to read that CD!

Anyway, half of my CD collection is useless this way, because I never play CD's on a regular CD player. I hate that. I love my Mac, but this is really annoying.