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MacBook Pro: do or don't?

Tech / Maccomment

So here's the issue: I have a laptop, and it's getting old. Very old. Falling apart-old. For instance, every now and then, the thing won't boot normally, because of some harddisk problem. This usually means I have to do some fsck-repairs, reboot and hope for the best. Also, I have less time when running on just the battery than when it was new.

Of course, if it's just this, and I think it is, it can be fixed by just getting a new battery and a new harddisk. But the laptop is over two years old, and who knows what the next failure will be. Also I have never liked the fact that it weighs about 4 kilo's, which is kind of heavy to be just carrying around all the time. So I decided I needed a new laptop. A fresh one, with new technology, a slick design, good features.. And I chose: a MacBook Pro.

MacBook ProThere's just one problem. I've been reading several blogs, forums and news sites, and a lot of them report about a whining noise when the MacBook is on, making work on the laptop a lot less comfortabe. Also, it tends to get too hot to put it on your lap.

These complaints, which seem to be very serious, make me doubt whether I want to buy a MacBook or not. A lot of people have the problems, so chances are I will too. And Apple doesn't seem to care about it either, because I can't find a public statement about it anywhere. I don't know if they're busy fixing it, or recognize the problem at all. So, when I buy one, will I be able to use the thing comfortably, of do I have to return it to Apple to get a new one, over and over again, until it's finally fixed?

Still doubting..