I am Peter Breuls. I write web applications in PHP, movie reviews and irregularly something on this weblog. Welcome!
Through my company Devize, I'm available as a developer or a consultant for websites or web applications.
I work as an Administrator at online community FOK! and as a Lead Developer at frontoffice supplier SIMgroep.

Ubuntu is here

Linux / Techcomment

The new Ubuntu is out. It's version 6.06 LTS, in which LTS stands for Long Term Support. For desktops, this means that for 3 years, packages wil be kept up-to-date with security patches. For server users this is 5 years.

Ubuntu logo

I run a few Ubuntu machines myself. Some desktops, some servers. My desktop PC at home was the first one. It started with Ubuntu Hoary, now runs Breezy and in a few days or weeks, when I have time, it will be upgraded to Dapper, which is the code name for 6.06.

Ubuntu is easy to use, based upon Debian, which rocks, and alltogether a great platform for any desktop or server. Really. You should try it!