I am Peter Breuls. I write web applications in PHP, movie reviews and irregularly something on this weblog. Welcome!
Through my company Devize, I'm available as a developer or a consultant for websites or web applications.
I work as an Administrator at online community FOK! and as a Lead Developer at frontoffice supplier SIMgroep.

Mark all as spam


Holy smokes! I had about 30.000 comments waiting for approval on this blog. Most of them spam, according to a quick manual scan. I'm not going to look at 30.000 comments when I know more than 99% of it will be spam, so I logged into MySQL and marked them all as spam. I'm very sorry if this means your comment, which could have been so insightful and very useful to me or other readers, now is gone. Send me a message about it, I can easily restore it.

Oh, and before you mention it: yes, I am going to upgrade this blog and put in a proper spam filter. Not right now, though.

I'll manually check comments more often from now on. So feel free to leave a comment.