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Life after kill -9

Tech / Maccomment

I don't get this. I've had this on servers, on desktops, now I have it on my Mac: a process froze, didn't do a thing and just ignored the hell out of me. So what do you do? Kill it!

In Mac OSX, there's a little interface which allows you to choose an application and force it to quit. Works every time. So far. But how do you solve the frozen-process problem with a fullscreen application that won't let you switch to another application, like Front Row?

Tonight, my Mac froze on Front Row. I was comfortably sitting in bed, ready to watch an episode of a tv show on DVD, when Front Row just froze up. Silent. Nothing. No response. So I got out of bed, walked to my Linux PC and logged into my Mac using SSH. And I looked up the logs. And there it was:

Mar 31 22:41:46 Yoda2 diskarbitrationd[43]: Front Row [4394]:40707 not responding.

Non-responsive. That's fine, I thought, I'll just kill it, get back into bed and start over. But Front Row didn't let itself be killed:

breuls@Yoda2: ~ $ ps aux | grep Front
breuls 4435 0.3 0.0 590472 84 s005 R+ 10:43PM 0:00.00 grep Front
breuls 4394 0.2 3.8 430184 78816 ?? U 10:39PM 0:11.11 /System/Library/CoreServices/Front Row.app/Contents/MacOS/Front Row
breuls@Yoda2: ~ $ kill 4394
breuls@Yoda2: ~ $ ps aux | grep Front
breuls 4394 0.0 0.0 0 0 ?? E 10:39PM 0:00.00 (Front Row)
breuls 4440 0.0 0.0 590472 204 s005 R+ 10:44PM 0:00.00 grep Front

That's right. Didn't listen to the kill command. Now, I know about the several options to kill. I tried several, including the -9 switch. Didn't work. Front Row ignored me, all the way through my giving up and pressing the reset button.

I hate that. That's not supposed to happen. Kill -9 is supposed to be the last way out of trouble. It-should-work. But it didn't. Why am I not in control of my own laptop? Why is there an afterlife to kill -9?