I am Peter Breuls. I write web applications in PHP, movie reviews and irregularly something on this weblog. Welcome!
Through my company Devize, I'm available as a developer or a consultant for websites or web applications.
I work as an Administrator at online community FOK! and as a Lead Developer at frontoffice supplier SIMgroep.

Flipped another switch

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If you've been visiting this blog for the past half decade, then, firstly, wow. I haven't written anything new since 2009. I feel like I should give you an award! But if you did visit, and returned now, then you might notice a change of layout on this site. I thought I'd celebrate it by, well, blogging about it.

This blog sort of died somewhere between 2009 and today. It was running on Wordpress (after I migrated from Radio UserLand, which is even more ancient but still gets me excited about blogging and technology every time I think about it), because I didn't feel like adapting the home-brewed software I use on my Dutch blog to facilitate two blogs, and apart from the fact that I didn't write on it anymore, I fell behind in keeping the installation up to date. Wordpress has had some leaks over the years, and this site has fallen victim to some of those, causing the blog to be a big bad motherf*cker of a spam infestation. Not good.

But I always felt like I should whip up something new, migrate the content and restart the blog to have a place where I could write down some notes, every now and then. So I've done what I was always too lazy to do: adapted the Breuls.log software to run on multiple domains and run multiple sites from one CMS. It wasn't all that hard, after I rewrote the blog CMS last year to work in a well respected framework instead of using decade-old spaghetticode scripts. It took me litte over one saturday morning to export the entire blog from Wordpress (it exports in RSS, which is nice), write a script to import it into my own database and point the blog.breuls.org-domain to the new location. The blog you're looking at is now simply part of my other blog, and serves as an English language branch of it. And I can manage the entire thing from the same CMS. Me likes.

So here we are, brand new. Now to find something to write about...