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Stuff I need to read


I've got lots of content in my RSS aggregator that I "want to read, but not right now". And I keep skipping over it, making sure I don't accidentally mark those items as read, and that is starting to annoy me. So I'll just do what every sensible guy does: make a note of those items and move on.

Adding to that, I thought I'd just share them with you, so here is my to-read list:
» Q&A and Recording of the Memcached Webinar
» How would you compress your MySQL Backup
» Please Give Us Your Email Password
» Give Your Site a Boost With Memcache
» MySQL Proxy: debug plugin
» MySQL Cacti templates 1.0.0 released (screenshots)
» Tools to use for MySQL Performance Review
» Designing For Evil
» Videos in the Flickr API

There. Now I can clean out some items in my aggregator. I'm gonna do this more often, by the way.

Links for this weekend


MySQL Users Conference 2008


MySQL organizes a lot of conferences thoughout the year -- for instance, last October I attended the Customer Conference in London, which was very interesting and gave a nice insight into the world of MySQL. But if there's one conference that could carry the title 'The MySQL Conference', it would be the one held in Santa Clara, CA this week.

Because it is a larger conference, there's more coverage. And the coverage is more organised. So if you weren't attending, like me, you might want to dive into the blog posts and presentations that can be found online. This wiki page seems like a good starting point. Anyone got another?