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MacBook Large

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While I was busy deciding about my MacBook Pro purchase, Apple released a 17" Macbook Pro today. I'm not getting one that large, it won't fit in my backpack. But it's still cool.

About my decision: I am getting the 15" version. I do care about the possibility of suffering from a whining noise, but I'll just go through several tech support phone calls if any of that happens.

I wish I could say here that I ordered the thing already, but I don't. Well, I do, but not entirely. My payment bounced because I hit a limit on my credit card. Need to fix that first, so the order will complete probably somewhere this week. I hope.

Becoming a Mac user means that I will start reading more Mac related web sites and blogs, and subscribing to some feeds. Milo already suggested a nice one: Macupdate.com. What else do I really need to start visiting regularly?



Aside from Macupdate, I really don't visit too many mac-specific blogs or websites, but a really, really good mac blog is:

The Unofficial Apple Weblog - http://www.tuaw.com/

It sort of gathers all mac news from the net and serves it up nicely, with lots of helpful comments and links.

This is a "switchers" (guy went from pc to mac) blog that is very informative. He is very knowledgable, I believe a programmer, and has very good stories. I read it just because its interesting to get his perspective on things. It will probably help you out a lot.


And to a lesser extent these two, but they are more about technology in general, with the latter being more-so about productivity through technology.

Engadget - http://www.engadget.com
LifeHacker - http://www.lifehacker.com

Good luck on your adventure into the mac world! my macbook comes in tomorrow, so I will be a little tied up for the next short while. :)


forgot another good one. Its not mac-specific, but it has a lot of mac stuff on it:

DownloadSquad = http://www.downloadsquad.com/

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Thanks for the links! And have fun with your new MacBook. Mine takes some time longer, because of additional wishes and a slower way of payment.