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 woensdag 16 november 2005

The OCS has been released

Dave Winer released the OPML Community Server, which of course is a cool thing. The only downside is that the average web server isn't able to run this. It's a Mac/Windows application, which means a lot of interested users will not be able to install it.

That said: it's cool! Congrats Dave on yet another release of a cool tool for the web to use.

 woensdag 24 augustus 2005

Frontier Talk?

Dave talks about the new Google IM client and the fact that it's bases on the Jabber way of communicating. Frontier speaks Jabber, so interesting things could be done with it. Sounds like a great toy to play with.

 zondag 21 augustus 2005

Did you know...

A picture named frontierCactus.gifIf you download and install all the Frontier files from this site, you can easily create your own News Aggregator? It's all there: when you run Frontier, it will create its own aggregatorData.root with all the stuff you need in it. Also, the xml.aggregator verbs are still available, so with a bit of scripting you can make it scan for new stories hourly. The only thing missing is a displayer, but for a Frontier developer, or in fact anyone with a little programming sense, it's a piece of cake to write one.

 woensdag 15 juni 2005

HTML rendering of Instant Outline

Heh, that's cool.Thanks to activeRenderer, my Instant Outline is also available for 'regular' web browsers. Here's the link.

Rogers on outlining

Rogers Cadenhead gives his view on Instant Outlining.

The old Instant Outliner

While Dave is working on his new outliner, it's nice to give yourself a preview. That is, if you're using Radio, which already has an Instant Outliner that works rather well.

 dinsdag 14 juni 2005

Kevin Dangoor: "Have people not been using outliners because they don’t like to work that way, or because they’re unaware of the tools?"

Using an outliner for programming notes

Dave Luebbert: "I'm guessing there will be programmers in twenty years who will be consulting their opml collection to remember what they used to do."

I think Dave 's right. I'm using my outliner already to work as he described. When I need to work on a project, I open a new outline and save the empty file with the name of the project. Often, I start with the date as the first heading, and I start to make notes beneath that. Every now and then a project leader gives me a numbered todo-list for a project, and I copy every item into my outliner.When I've done that, I start explaining every item of the list to myself in the outline, writing down things like 'I need to change this or that to achieve this' or 'see file.php, line 23 for this' so I can easily navigate trough my work. When reporting back to the project leader, I use the notes in the outline to describe what I've done to make things work.

Outlined thinking really helps me working. Without an outliner, I would have pen and paper with me, and a stack of notes on my desk next to my computer. These notes would have been full of junk because it's not as easy to handle as an outline is. Apart from that, I have very crappy handwriting, so using a pen is never my first choice.

When I use an outline to create an image of what I'm doing, I have an overview that helps me work. And it acts as a backup. A while ago I lost some files on which I've been working. I made changes in them for a project, but the files got deleted before I could put them back into the version control system, so I had to do it all over again. Fortunately, I described everything I did in my outliner, enabling me to re-do the work I did exactly the same way.

My outliner, at work,  is the open source release of Frontier. It's not mainly an outliner, and it doesn't save outlines as OPML (it saves as .ftop, what's that anyway?), but it works. At home, I use Radio. I am hoping to use Dave Winers new outliner to work with OPML at work, so I can share things with Radio at home and publish outlines for others to see.

 dinsdag 12 april 2005

Datasets in Frontier

Dave shows how to handle a lot of data in Frontier.

 maandag 15 november 2004


Is it me, or is the Frontier Kernel weblog a bit quiet, the last.. six weeks?