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 zaterdag 19 november 2005

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I just tried this on my home computer, and it did work. Maybe there's something wrong with the FireFox installation on my PC at work, or I just forgot to restart FireFox.

Breezy Ubuntu feeling

I've upgraded my PC yesterday. It took about 2 to 3 hours, mainly due to some errors, but my Ubuntu Hoary box has been turned into a fresh Ubuntu Breezy machine. I'm up to date now!

A problem that occured was that while configuring all the new and updated packages, one of them couldn't be processed by dpkg. This caused the entire 'apt-get dist-upgrade' process to stop, and left me with an incomplete upgrade.

I tried several things to get the upgrade going again, and the thing that worked was simple: remove all reasons for Ubuntu to include the failing package so it won't keep on trying. In my case, the 'openoffice2-help-en-us' (or something) was causing the problem, and deselecting 'openoffice2-help-en' in Synaptic solved the problem, for that caused 'openoffice2-help-en-us' to be unnecessary and thus excluded from the process.

Of course, when running into problems during an upgrade, try using apt-get in several ways to find out what you can do. Before I got to the solution, I tried 'apt-get -f install', 'apt-get -f dist-upgrade' and others in various combinations to find out what was the problem.

Luckily the entire system still works, even when you're in the middle of an upgrade. Isn't that one of the beauties of Linux?